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Natural Burials

It is hugely important that the final resting place for you, or someone you love, is right for you and for your family. Some individuals and families now opt for natural burial solutions.

There are basically two types of natural burial grounds: truly natural, nature reserve grounds, where non-embalming is a requirement and coffins have to be biodegradable. There are also those where a tree is planted but no other environmentally friendly rules apply.

We do our utmost to help with these desires where possible and whenever requested. Making decisions about the funeral arrangements is far harder after a bereavement than if plans have been made in advance before the pressures of time and distress take hold.

By telling those close to you what you want, your family and friends will find it easier to ensure that you or your loved one have the final resting place you would want.

If you are looking for a natural burial site near to you then please contact us and we will be happy to advise you on your options.

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