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Green & Alternative Funerals

A funeral service should be a reflection of an individual's life - their achievements, their passions and the things that shaped who they were.

At Bewley & Merrett we will ensure that the way your loved one lived his or her life is reflected in the funeral and the service in a way that is appropriate for that individual.

For some families that could be as simple as adding unique elements to the funeral such as details that reflect their loved one's interests and hobbies, their beliefs and values and the memories that you treasure. We take time to understand what is important to you in order to help families to create a unique and fitting farewell for their loved one.

We will work closely with you to meet your wishes as well as offering appropriate suggestions for creating a funeral that reflects your loved one's unique personality. As well as arranging funeral ceremonies in churches and places of worship we are able to offer a choice of non-religious venues for a funeral ceremony.

Equally, we are committed to supporting those for whom environmental issues are important in order to find sustainable solutions wherever possible, including the provision of Green and Alternative funerals. Our desire to help families to attain as green a funeral as possible is reflected throughout our personal and business practices.

We can advise on arranging a natural or woodland burial, which is increasingly becoming the environmentally friendly choice for a green funeral. Having a woodland burial helps to create a protected piece of woodland for future generations. We can also provide a wide range of alternative and eco friendly coffins including willow, bamboo, sea grass and cardboard.

With a few simple choices it is possible for a funeral to be a unique occasion in harmony with the environment.

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